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Welcome to CoAuto

Reno’s Community Auto Repair Shop

  • Brake Repair

  • Properly maintained brakes are essential to a safe drive. Our ASE certified technicians perform a wide range of Brake Repairs, and will have your car braking like new!
  • Engine Repair

  • Engine systems can cause complicated and frustrating issues. Our auto repair shop offers everything from basic maintenance services to major diagnostics and repairs. At CoAuto, we can perform just about any Engine Repair.
  • Transmission Service

  • No matter what your transmission needs, you can have complete confidence in our experienced technicians to recommend the right Transmission Service for the right price.
  • Auto Diagnostics

  • Our technicians understand the root causes of your auto issues, making quality and efficiency a priority. Using the latest in Auto Diagnostics tools and technology, we’ll solve the problem right the first time.

Who We Are

Our Mission is to provide our community with the best car care and customer service possible by employing only professional team members who posess skills such as honesty, integrity and quality.

Our Goal is to educate and empower our customers to make the most informed decision possible, even if it means we do not do the service.


Always being 100% truthful with our recommendations; Never misleading, never exaggerating.


Always doing the right thing, no matter the situation. If we make a mistake, we will take the time and effort to immediately correct it.


Always using the best possible equipment, parts, fluids and personnel to provide our 24 Month/24k Mile Nationwide Warranty.


Learn the basics of automotive maintenance

All Skill Levels Welcome

Topics vary from checking fluid levels and tires, preparing for a road trip, and general knowlege that could save you more costly repairs down the road.

Every 3rd Friday
5:30pm - 7:00pm


please leave your name,
and phone or e-mail

CoAuto Car Giveaway

Everyone can use a helping hand every now and again. We’ve partnered with Red Wagon Network to to give away 12 Cars in 12 months to someone in need of reliable transportation.

If you need the car or know someone who does, please help us connect. The top 10 finalists will be chosen by a Giving Team and their stories will be shared online. Then the community will be invited to vote for the story they feel is most deserving.

We started July 18th and the car giveaway will continue for the next year!

Read More About the Giveaway

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Customer Reviews
Jed S. , whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 4/22/2016:
"I highly recommend CoAuto!!
I'm a contractor on a cross country business trip. My truck had a check engine light come on that indicated a MUltiple missfire.
The were able to get us in immediately, regaurdless of their full schedule.
Rochelle at the front desk was very polite and helpful. Their mechanic was able to determine what the problem was and fix it rather quickly. Most impressed with the quality of service i received. THANK YOU!!"
5 star rating

Jordan M. from Reno on 3/7/2016:
"Co Auto is unlike any other auto shop, Ill give you an example. I got a diagnostic frm auto zone for my check engine light, they gave me a list of parts i needed to replace. It was very expensive. So i give co auto a call and ask them how much it would cost to buy and install all these parts. I talk to Vinnie. The first thing he says is how do you know that you need all this. I tell him about auto zone and he starts telling me the truth about malicious auto company tactics, INSTEAD of taking advantage off my little knowledge about cars, He says that auto zone does this diagnostic to just sell parts and that doesn't really tell you about the underlying problem causing all those codes to pop up. So he suggests to me, instead of throwing parts at it and hoping for the best(Those were his exact words) He asks me to bring the car in for a diagnostic. I didn't want to do it because i thought he was just trying to make money off of me because it costs around $100. Well i end up doing the diagnostic and it turns out that the 5 problems i had were actually being caused by ONE faulty wire that had something to do with my turbo, it cost $18 to buy that part, compared to the $1100 worth of parts i was initially going to buy. This is my first amazing experience a mechanic and these guys gave me the confidence to keep my car because i know have amazing ppl at co auto really here to help you with your car and not scam you. The good vibes and smiles these guys give off are completely incredible, i was sad when my car was fixed because i didn't have an excuse to go hang out with them. These guys are so great professional and more honest than a preacher! haha
Go check em out, you wont be disappointed. Love this place!"
5 star rating

Lavon J. from Fernley, whose Mazda was in for an auto repair service, on 1/22/2016:
"Vinnie and Anthony are really great! They are very accommodating and helpful. I needed help selling my truck as private party. Vinnie was very helpful in obtaining a buyer within just a few days. This isn’t his normal type of service but he knew I needed some help. I really appreciate him going beyond the call of duty to help me. Very sincerely a loyal customer."
5 star rating

Jennifer Kearney on 11/15/2015:
"Very professional and they do great work."
5 star rating

Daniel Puz from Reno on 9/9/2015:
"Fantastic. Great service, quick timely response. Good people to work with."
5 star rating

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2155 Dickerson Rd, Reno, NV 89503
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Phone: 775-360-5361

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