We're Moving September 1st
    to a bigger location at 2155 Dickerson Rd!
         You're Invited to the Grand Re-Opening Party

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Local Artist Display

Local Artist display gives local talent another avenue to be seen by our community. We have been rotating local artwork since day 1 and will continue forever. The reasoning is simple, artist livelihood is dependent on visibility. If you cannot view your locals artwork it becomes very difficult for the artist to become known. We strive to bring beautiful artwork to the public's eye, bringing both the artist and the viewer closer together. We love to sell the art off the walls and do not collect any commissions for doing so. We have amazing artists displayed in our waiting room/art gallery as well as in the shop itself. Our most impressive piece is in the garage, an elemental mural depicting all 5 elements as characters from earth, wind, fire, water, and ether or space showcasing our name hidden throughout the mural. CoAuto is honored to be able to display our locals masterpieces.

Adam Pittman - Mural

Buz Rhodes - Pinstriping and Hand Painted Designs

Asa Kennedy - Painted Canvas Stretched Over Wood Frames

Mike Lucido aka That Lucido Kid

Gary - Wedge Ceramics Studio

Metal Work Art - Hand Forging