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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Community Involvement

Community Education

Learn the basics of automotive maintenance

All Skill Levels Welcome

Topics vary from checking fluid levels and tires, preparing for a road trip, and general knowlege that could save you more costly repairs down the road.

5:30pm - 7:00pm


please leave your name,
and phone or e-mail

*Cost is $40 with a $20 CoAuto Cash rebate upon completion of the class.

Women's Car Care Clinics

CoAuto offers a variety of Women's Car Care Clinics, there are the Show & Tell clinics, Classroom Style clinics and the Hands On clinics.

All of our clinics are designed to empower women through knowledge and education. We believe in order to be comfortable with your personal vehicle when taking it in to your repair shop you must first understand some of the basics of why & what maintenance is needed to keep your vehicle on the road for a long period of time.

We invite you to sing up for our nextclinic. Make a appointment online or call Rochell@ 775-360-5361

Community Car Giveaway Program

Our motivation to gift reliable cars to the community stems from a deep desire to give back to the community who supports our dreams. That dream of being able to bring a community conscious auto shop to our hometown. Our mission is to simply provide quality care to both our customers and their precious cars. By giving back to our community we are able to strengthen the foundation of pillars in which our community is based upon. These cars will go to families or individuals who showcase good morals & are involved with the growth and support of the community.

CoAuto’s Community Internship Program

CoAuto has long known the importance of career coaching, as brothers, Anthony and Vinnie were involved with Reno High Schools Glen Hare occupational center. This center gave students another avenue of career coaching and classes geared towards the ever fading hands on trades like auto shop, woodworking, drafting, etc. These centers are being replaced every year with other programs that do not teach our youth the importance of trades and the opportunity of other fields other than college. We strive to bring another avenue of career coaching through our internship program. This program allows top-notch students the ability to come into a well run, clean, and team-oriented workplace and shadow our technicians, service writers and managers to see if the automotive field is one they are comfortable in. We have hosted many interns with great results. Many of our interns come from challenged schools such as innovations High school, where less fortunate kids can work hard showcasing their drive to be a community minded adult and use our workspace to determine if this is a career path they wish to follow. We as owners had the opportunity to be interns and feel it's only fair to extend this opportunity to good students throughout our community.

Reverse Your Carbon Footprint Program

CoAuto has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to have a single tree planted in our National Forests in honor of our clients who choose to have their oil changed @ CoAuto. The idea is to help our world begin to reverse our carbon footprint by filling our forests with new growth.