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About Us in Reno, NV

Family Owned & Operated

What have you heard about our shop so far?

That we're vibrant and full of energy? Sure, that's true but we're so much more than that. Our team is always looking for fun ways to engage with our clients. During our weekly meetings, we like to have fun with team-building exercises to lighten the mood and brighten our relationships together. Customers are able to enjoy their visit to our facility because we create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The reason our customers leave us with a smile is the same reason we leave with a smile. Come be a part of our exceptional service experience. CoAuto in Reno, NV is all about its community and its customers-You!

Auto Shop Frontage | CoAuto

As soon as you enter our facility, you may wonder if you're in the right place. Sure, the address says 2155 Dickerson Road, but there's a lot more visual stimulation than you any repair you've ever been to. We have a beautiful waiting area, full of plants, local art, handmade jewelry and ceramics, large paintings and photography. CoAuto is truly full of personality, and has art for every personality type. The cleanliness of the shop may be what you notice first. And we keep our waiting room quiet and relaxing to customers can enjoy our amenities in peace while we service their vehicle. Just as our customers need a Starbucks fix, we invite them to enjoy our complimentary coffee, tea & snacks. Our shop's culture is unbeatable; beautiful shop floors, bright white lighting, amazing murals painted along the shop walls on both the interior and exterior.

CoAuto has 5 Programs that set us apart:


Car Giveaway Program

CoAuto gives away one car per year to a local veteran in need, chosen by the Veterans Resource Center of Nevada. It is an honor to provide reliable transportation for men and women who served our country.


High School Internship Program

CoAuto invites local high school students to visit our shop and shadow our technicians. We mentor and challenge them to see if auto repair is a possible career path. Our future relies on the youth of our local community.


Community Education Program

CoAuto offers classes and workshops in the field of automotive education, maintenance, and basic automotive knowledge. We empower our community to make educated, knowledgeable and confident repair decisions. Classes are held quarterly and the cost is $40 with a $20 CoAuto cash rebate on their next service. (Custom classes available upon request)


Local Art Display Program

CoAuto exhibits artwork in the customer waiting area, showcases local talent, and gives our creative community more opportunity for promotion. CoAuto does not collect commissions for the sale of any art. We simply enjoy giving our artists more exposure.


Reverse Your Carbon Footprint Program

CoAuto partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and plants one tree with every oil change we perform. Our hope is to provide a little more oxygen for our universe and reverse our carbon footprint.

The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with more than 1 million members, supporters, and valued partners and a mission to inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

Our vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation, poverty, and hunger.

Logo | CoAuto will make a donation to plant one tree on behalf of each client for each auto repair service or oil service provided. See our support grow.

1619 trees planted.

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Meet Our Team:

Vincent Lucido | CoAuto

Vincent Lucido


aka Vinnie has lived in Reno/Tahoe since 1989. He is ASE certified and passionate about his work. He is a current Rotarian with the largest club in Reno. He lives the yogic lifestyle, continuing the search for enlightenment. He enjoys a multitude of extracurricular activities from kiteboarding to aerial silks and Acro yoga. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Dawn and looks forward to one day opening a yoga retreat with her in Belize.

Rochelle Mejia | CoAuto

Rochelle Mejia


Rochelle Mejia was raised in Reno Nevada, she loves the outdoors, off-roading, fishing, camping, and all types of sports. Rochelle did 3 years of demolition derby at the state fair and was 2nd place every year. She’s not afraid to get dirty and she always has a smile on her face. Family means everything to this young lady, which includes her parents, her older siblings, her animals, and even sees her co-workers as a family. The CoAuto team has helped her blossom into a better person while becoming educated in the auto repair industry.

Jordan Hill | CoAuto

Jordan Hill

I like being called Jordan, but I also respond to dad, Papa Smurf or Maestro.
I have 21 years in the automotive industry and I credit my success to all the hours I spent building with Lego's as a kid and having never missed an episode of MacGyver.
What I love about life are women and cars ... just to clarify; I have three beautiful daughters and an adorable wife. I also enjoy solving the complex problems today's vehicles present.
What I love about CoAuto is the commitment to learning and growing as a team (and the snacks in the break room).
What really grinds my gears are forks with only three times. AHHH! They are just plain wrong.
What makes my gears run smoothly is listening to Joe Morello on the drums. Every note that Mr. Morello played with Dave Brubeck's jazz quartet is sheer perfection.

Brennen Scott | CoAuto

Brennen Scott

I like being called B for short, Brennen.
I have 3 years in the automotive industry & Its amazing seeing the progression of vehicle in the last few years, Like a Tesla is practically self-driving, Crazy!
What I love about the service industry is – Knowledge, and the amount of the unknowing still left for the future of vehicles.
What I love about my life is – I own most of my dream cars, and have a few projects to be finished, family, and adventures along the way.
What I love about CoAuto is – We fit together like PB&J, all my co workers are good friends, we al work together very well, MY BOSSES are the Best!!
What really Grinds My Gears is – People driving to fast down our street when we are trying to back client vehicles in and out of the lot. Scary! No need to be in a rush:)
What makes my gears run smoothly is – Good Sleep, Water, Being able to zone out into whatever it is that I’m doing regardless of what’s going on around me

Matt Brill | CoAuto

Matt Brill

I have 6 years in the automotive industry & I never get bored. I still love where the future of cars is headed.
What I love about the service industry is being able to genuinely help & educate clients
What I love about my life is the family of friends I have at home & the race car in my garage that is slowly but steadily being worked on.
What I love about CoAuto is the people I work with & the positive environment that I am consistently involved in.
What really grinds my gears is when people who do not maintain their vehicle get upset when we tell them that there is work to be done.
What makes my gears run smoothly is hanging out with my friends & selling work to happy client.

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