Car A/C Repair in Reno, NV

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Cool in the Summer-Warm in the Winter

Keep your vehicle's cabin as comfortable as possible all year round. We'll enhance your road travel by keeping the air temperature adjustable. Our car A/C repair service is key to making your road trips and daily commutes bearable. CoAuto in Reno, NV can design a service plan to make sure you are never without cabin climate control. Vehicle air conditioners are often misdiagnosed, making the car A/C repair process stressful and time-consuming. If a mechanic does not have the necessary experience, he or she will perform an unnecessary repair, which never addresses the problem.

There are many components in your vehicle's engine and cooling system that might appear to be the cause. The wrong diagnosis will waste your time and money. Nothing is more stressful than returning to the repair shop to receive the same services you received days before. CoAuto doesn't want you to spend one day without a fully-functioning A/C, and when you come to us first you won't have to. The best strategy for ensuring quality heating and air conditioning is to come to us 1-2 seasons ahead of time. We keep our customers fully prepared for the summer and the winter!

Quality Evaporator & Condenser Replacements

Never get caught off guard by the summer heat or the winter chill again. The secret is to bring your car A/C to our experts before you have an unexpected malfunction. For instance, make sure your cabin's comfortable throughout the summer, the time for CoAuto's A/C check is in the winter or spring. And by the same token, to make sure winters behind the wheel are warmer, let us provide an A/C check in the summer or fall. Your driving experience and overall comfort are just as important to us as your vehicle's engine performance.

If your vehicle's air conditioner needs any repairs or parts replacements our team is equipped with the best quality components. Our air conditioner service experts will correctly diagnose any performance issue. From simple solutions like refrigerant re-fills to condenser replacements, we handle all car A/C repairs with the same commitment to excellence. CoAuto's master technicians will inspect your car A/C for any leaks compromising the flow of refrigerant, as well as service or replace any malfunctioning components.

Schedule Your Car A/C Repair Today!

Today's a great day to get your car A/C in optimal condition. Our service experts are here to ensure quality driving experiences, no matter the season. Neglect is the most common cause for system malfunctions in your vehicle. A quality service plan is meant to keep you two steps ahead of any costly repair or breakdown. That's especially true for your car's A/C performance. We want you and your passengers to be safe and comfortable, enhancing your vehicle's overall performance. Give us a call today to schedule your next A/C repair appointment. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now! Next time you're in the area-2155 Dickerson Road-feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns. We gladly accept all of our walk-in A/C repair customers.

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