Signs You Need Brake Repair

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When you get behind the wheel, you probably don’t question whether your vehicle will get you around town safely. As long as all systems are operating properly, you trust the brakes to stop your vehicle at all times. But not all things last forever, especially brake components. After years of stopping a heavy vehicle, they will eventually wear out and need replacement. So how can you tell when the time comes for your vehicle’s brake repair? Watch out for the following warning signs:

  1. Squeaking & Squealing
  2. Have you ever been in or next to a car that let out a loud squealing sound when it came to a stop? For some people, the sound of squeaky brakes is as unbearable as nails on a chalkboard, which may be a good thing when it comes to maintenance and repairs. This sound means the brake pads are wearing low and it’s time to schedule repairs. If you want fully functional brakes, or even if you just can’t stand the screeching sound, visit CoAuto at your earliest convenience!

  3. Grinding
  4. Life can be crazy. Sometimes our responsibilities slip away from us, but if there’s one thing you should prioritize it’s brake repair. If you ignore signs of failing brakes, you leave your thin brake pads susceptible to further wear. Soon there will be nothing left! At that point, there will only be metal-on-metal contact, which is awful for your braking system. That’s your cue to stop driving immediately. Your brakes are no longer fit for safe operation. Call for a tow and get to CoAuto!

  5. Spongy Pedal
  6. Before you pull out of your parking spot, take a moment to notice the pressure it takes to engage your brake pedal. Is your foot lowering all the way to the floor? Or is the pedal engaging with full brake pressure after a slight depression? The former situation is referred to as a “spongy” pedal, as it’s acting as a cushion for the foot. That’s not good! There could be a problem in the brake line that’s causing slower response. It’s best to get professional attention if this happens to your vehicle!

Think your vehicle is suffering from poor brake function? Don’t put you or your vehicle’s safety at risk! Call the experts at CoAuto in Reno, Nevada for brake repair!

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